Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

A woman calls to report one of her kids' friends took the key to her Cadillac and took the car without asking. She wasn't even going to press charges, she just wanted us to "scare him." Of course she is a single mom and her kids (except the youngest) are hoodlums. So of course she lets this hoodlum move into her house because nobody else wants him. As the officer arrives the hoodlum is in the car. So he jumps out and runs from the officer. I was about 10 miles away and doing 90 down the interstate trying to get to him. The hoodlum gets away, but we find out who he is and file a warrant. The owner of the car is a piece of work. She's mad because he's disappeared with the key to her Cadillac and can come back anytime he wants and take it. Those are the only keys she has. She made a comment while upset that caught my ear. She was saying how he has been stealing bikes at the school across the street and breaking into homes. Well of course she never reported it. Now only when he's stolen her stuff is she being cooperative. We know that won't last long so we get all we can and file our warrant. Hopefully we'll catch him.

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