Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Of course it had to come at the end of the shift. Two groups of teenagers agreed to meet in a shopping center (while people are shopping) and fight it out. We get the first call of the groups meeting up. About five minutes later the call was upgraded to a fight in progress. Of course they had dispersed a few minutes before we got there. However, we did catch one car with four of them involved. We spent an hour trying to get some story of what went on. The long story short was one kid in that car has a feud with another little punk so they gathered friends and decided to meet at the shopping center. We had one of the instigators with us. He was a mouthy little punk. When his dad arrived he was upset. He was even more upset when I told him that his son was not a victim but planned the fight as well. While we're explaining that the other kid calls his rival's sister and threatens to slit her throat. I wanted to slap the kid upside the head and hope he realizes the trouble he helped start.

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