Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Training Day 1

I'm spending the next few days at a gang conference training seminar. I am not good getting up early in the morning but today I managed. The conference is about gangs. So far the most interesting has been the lecture on the Mexican drug cartels with names, events, and pictures of dead bodies. They even showed us a video of captured hit men who were giving a confession and then one of them got a bullet in the head at point black range. Not upsetting at all since the "victims" were pieces of crap themselves. I know that sounds harsh but some people really don't deserve to breathe air period! Another speaker showed statistics that increasing numbers of illegal aliens are coming here to commit crimes, not to work. That is something the bleeding hearts and ivory tower dwellers will never recognize. He showed another picture of a group of illegals at the border grabbing their crotches and flipping the bird exhibiting their distaste for this country and especially its police. Over lunch made friends with a couple of probation officers. We traded some horror stories. One of the officers pointed out two recent news stories that were "clients" of his. One was the clown who was drunk and drove onto an HPD raid at a downtown club and drove up a median. Another was the crook who robbed then shot an off duty Pct.6 reserve deputy. He had just been released. So, I don't think the system is rehabilitating people. Then they mentioned this story. I remember this guy who murdered the HPD sergeant in front of his wife. I met an EMT on that scene. He said she couldn't remember her own name. Nice that when the defendant is black suddenly the racial make up is an issue. When the defendant is white, nobody cares.

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