Saturday, March 28, 2009

Usually the other way around

"My daughter works in homicide!"


The woman handcuffed to the bench in the department store just told me her daughter is an officer. She came into the store and wound up trying to steal some books and magazines. I asked her if she'd done this before. She said she got arrested some thirteen years prior. Her tone told me she was lying. I knew when we ran her we'd find more arrests and we did. She tried explaining those as "misunderstandings." In her purse we found a court reset date for a theft case in Fort Bend County. Uh oh! She's got a theft case pending. Damn woman is a thief and a liar!

I felt it necessary to track down her daughter and let her know. Usually we call fellow officers when their kids get in trouble. I've never heard of an instance where an officer had to be called and informed that their parent was under arrest! I found the officer and told her what happened. She didn't sound surprised in the least. In fact her words was "she's gotta learn!"

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