Thursday, March 12, 2009

Training Day 2

Woke up early and had to find long sleeves. Another officer and I have been carpooling, very helpful. Well except for that one crazy turn as someone was pulling up. For a moment I thought we were gonna tap and the last thing we needed was an accident in an unmarked vehicle. Today they talked about using tools to investigate and about prison gangs. I rather did enjoy some of the photographs. I study how these guys look, what traits to look for. I also pay attention to their tattoos as those are a dead giveaway. There was also a story about the "bottle cap" gun. This was a 9mm handgun traced back to nearly 30 incidents (robberies, drive by shootings, and murder). It was named for the bottle cap looking mark left by the firing pin, very distinguishable. I would hate to have had to work for that department having to work at least two drive-by shootings a month for about six months. Not to mention the public, and the department administration would get sick of it. For the most part it was gang banger turd on turd violence so no big loss to society. Of course it never stays that way for long and eventually innocent people got killed.

Had lunch with my new probation officer friend. The juvenile probation officers are going through a new training that believes those "kids" shouldn't be locked up nor yelled at. On top of that during an encounter, the child has to be asked by the officer for permission to touch them! So I see the powers that be are going back to the 'inmates run the asylum' philosophy endangering their workers so as to avoid negative publicity. That always works out! Glad I don't work probation. I'd be the first probation officer that did drive-by shootings on the kids' homes. Can you imagine;

"Okay juvenile turd, who shot up your house? The bloods? The crips? MS-13?"

"No man! It was my probation officer, he's pissed!"

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