Thursday, July 9, 2009

Misdemeanor Aggravated Assault

Two guys were literally partners in crime. From what I was told they smoked crack together, stole together, and robbed together. For some reason this relationship went sour. Last night they got into it and one of the guys got beat down. Today, in retaliation he took a blunt object (more than likely a bat) and beat his former friend almost to death. They are saying if he survives he'll be a vegetable. Officers went to do a welfare check and found the front door cracked. They knocked on the door and it fell in revealing the bloody carpet and walls. They check the house and find the guy almost dead. While homicide detectives were out and interviewing the girlfriend, the assailant calls. He says "you like what I did to *******? I'm gonna do that to you and your kids!" Now, I'm no detective but I'd take that as evidence of his guilt.

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