Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Think I Got Played

I was leaving dinner. I made a right turn and was in my own lane, minding my own business. This clown comes from the u-turn lane and cuts across three lanes cutting me off. Being a fan of the show Martin, I can picture;

"Hold up! Hold up! Oh no you did not shoot across three ***damn lanes cutting me off! Oh hell no!"

I pull him over and before I can even tell my dispatch what is happening he jumps out of the car apologizing. He says he's almost out of gas and he says we made eye contact and thought I let him go. I don't know what kind of crack he's on but we did not make any damn eye contact. Next he starts dropping another officer's name. He says they are good friends. That's nice but it's not going to make a difference. Then he doesn't have his driver's license. This is getting even better. I run him and find a license as well as a warrant for his arrest. Sweet! Dude flies across three lanes of traffic, claims our supposed 'eye contact' told him to do it and now he's going to jail. I hook him up for the warrant then he clutches his chest and fades in and out. He spills his entire medical history which nothing is life threatening. It all sounds like preventative type stuff. However, on the off chance this man is dying, nothing in the world is going to excuse me not taking action. So I call an ambulance and they check him out. Amazingly he is slightly better, but he can talk clearly when the ambulance arrives. Ever fiber in my being is screaming this guy is a con artist. He has a long history so he has to know how it works. He also has to know that I'm not going to waste resources sitting at the hospital over a single traffic warrant. Reluctantly I concede and he goes to the hospital. As I said, I'm not going to risk a death in custody and not having taken basic actions (i.e. calling the ambulance). My gut still says he conned me. However he better hope his address is current because today I'm sending two citations via certified mail for what I stopped him for.

I just got a call from his "good friend" the other officer who first made it clear they are not friends. The guy runs an extra job he works and is one of those who will drop names. He even told me he's known for taking his animals to the vet and demanding to be put ahead of all others. Dammit! Makes me really want to put this guy in jail now!


Texas Ghostrider said...

sounds like an unannounced visit is in order.......

Beat And Release said...

We usually just have hospital security call us about 30 minutes before they are due to be released.

Telebush said...

It would be difficult to pursue here but it might be worth a shot... get a search warrant for his medical records. If they show there was no medical emergency then get a arrest warrant for hindering.
Its a lot of paperwork and time on something little but some games are fun to play.