Saturday, July 25, 2009

Someone Told Her Wrong

A young woman gets stopped for traffic. The officer proceeds to write her a ticket. For whatever reason she decides she is going to refuse to sign it. The officer explains three times that she is only giving her promise to appear in court but she ain't having it. So it comes time for him to arrest her. He opens her door and she yells for him not to touch her. She's not having it. He has to pull her out of the car and arrest her. She screams, yells, and cries when the realization that she's going to jail hits her. At the jail when she's calmed down she is asked why she refused to sign the ticket to start with. She says she just wanted to get home to her family! Huh? Then she said that one of her friends told her that she really can refuse to sign the citation. I suggest when she sees that 'friend' again she slap the hell out of him for giving her bad advice. Had to have been a dipsh** lawyer or law student!

1 comment:

Jealous Bitch said...

Yes, people are stupid like this all the time. I hear it ALL the time "Oh, all you have to do is not sign"

Dear Morons: Please keep believing this because it is fun for the police who get to arrest you.