Sunday, January 24, 2010

Charge Her With Assisting Suicide?

I wonder if you could press charges on her;

They say there is no fool like an old fool. A sex offender marries a woman 22 years younger than him. A sex offender and a young woman who probably has has several emotional issues (if not a whole subscription). Needless to say had I known about this marriage I'd have taken bets on how long it would last. Anyhow, details are sketchy but they got into an argument. She was leaving him. She retrieved a gun and fired a shot. Apparently he was begging her not to leave and tried the old "you leave and I'll shoot myself" ploy. She handed him the gun and told him to go ahead. Calling what she thought was a bluff perhaps? Well, he takes the gun and shoots himself in the head! Damn! I wonder if she can be charged with assisting in suicide?


Anonymous said...

She's lucky that he didn't shoot her, but he did us all a favor. Just one less pervert the citizens and taxpayers need not worry about. She shouldn't be charged with anything. In fact, smack the woman for being stupid enough to marry him and then give her a medal.

Mad Jack said...

Possibly depraved indifference. I have a feeling she won't be charged with much of anything.