Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was kind of an annoying day! An officer stops a car with three people who all play the race card. That is standard operating procedure nowadays! The driver, who just got out of jail snapped. He told the officer he was going to give him a reason to throw him in jail! The driver tries to get out of the car but is restrained by his brother and the officer. Backup arrives and the situation is diffused.

Then a young illegal alien gets arrested again for shoplifting. He begs and cries not to be taken to jail. At the jail he slips a cuff and manages to find a design flaw that allows him to simply open the door and run! He was recaptured by a K9 soon afterward. I looked at the car later and managed to open the door from the back seat! That needs to be fixed. We can't have people open the back doors and walk away!

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