Saturday, January 30, 2010

It was really, really cold! Well it was more the wind than the cold. The wind pierced my jacket first and then my skin! So naturally I tried to stay inside either a building or my car most of the day. I did read a brief that was disturbing. The other day we were called to a dead baby. The poor thing was only a few months old. I read that the mother was in federal prison where she gave birth to the child and the father is a police officer at another agency. The baby was with grandparents and as far as I know the police officer/father never showed up on the scene! Makes you wonder what kind of people these are.

Had a nice dinner then walked out into the stinging wind. Damn, I about ran to the car and hopped in! This was going to be one of those evenings where I wasn't getting out of the car unless I had to. We got called to assist on a warrant service. The guy wasn't home but left a utility worker alone in the house who said he was at dinner. I don't know too many people who leave utility workers in their homes while they go out. I suspect the worker was a friend who called him and warned him not to come home. Before we left the warrant officer told me a funny story. He had been looking for a guy on a child support non-payment warrant and at one point caught up to him but the guy ran from him and got away. About a year later the officer was dining with his wife and guess who his waiter was! Yep, the same fugitive he'd been hunting and that night the hunt ended.

As I leave that location I'm making my way back to the station. It's almost the end of the shift and I'm looking forward to sleeping in. As I'm going down the street I see a truck dart into a lane almost striking another vehicle. I follow the truck for a minute to see how he's driving and he can't keep the vehicle straight. Granted it is very windy outside however I'm keeping my car steady and I'm using one hand on the wheel. I pull him over and walk up to him and he's fumbling for paperwork. His movements are slow and clumsy then when he speaks his speech is slurred. I can't smell any alcohol because of the wind but I suspect it. I get him out of the truck to do the sobriety tests. I always hated doing these in the bitter cold because any amateur law school reject can claim the weather was to blame for the poor performance. I arrest him and bring him to the intox station where he blows over twice the legal limit! Once I got him out of the wind then I could smell the brewery on his breath!

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Matt M said...

Yes, those were some stiff, cold winds.

Thanks for getting another drunk off of the Houston streets. There is enough to watch out for, without these idiots.