Friday, January 22, 2010

Drunk Interferes With Police

I heard the family disturbance call go out. I went en route and arrived after the two primary officers. When I get out I see one of the officers talking to an older man on the front porch. Even from 20 yards away I can see the large gash on his neck. Look like he lost a fight with Dracula. I hear the officer tell a younger man sitting on a bench a few feet away to keep quiet and not interfere with his investigation. I walk up and hear the younger man say "don't talk to them dad!" He now has my undivided attention. I walk up to him as he again shouts for his dad not to talk to the officer. I walk up to the younger man and smell the booze on him. He's drunk! I politely tell him to keep his mouth shut and if he has something to say he will get his chance. Now, I've given my warning and almost immediately he says again "dad quit talking and get a lawyer!" Now first any bleeding heart reading this needs to understand nobody is under arrest. At this point we are trying to find out what happened so nobody should need a lawyer. Second, I just warned him to keep quiet and now he's going to disregard me. Now he's put me in a position where either I back up what I say or look like a eunich. I think 'oh hell no' and I grab his arm and pull him up and handcuff him. He starts to protest but I cut him off and escort him to a patrol car. I then find out that he wasn't at the house during the fight. So that means he showed up afterward but he doesn't live in that neighborhood. He first claims he walked there. Then he says a friend dropped him off. During our pat down we remove some car keys to a car parked down the street. So this moron drove drunk to get here. Problem is nobody saw him drive here. The officers never saw him walk up. So getting him for drunk driving is out of the question. I'm thinking this would be interfering with public duties but with the lack of competence demonstrated by the district attorney's office I have little faith they will take the charge. We call and amazingly enough they take the charge! So we search him incident to arrest and he starts protesting his arrest. He asks why can't we write him a ticket. Damn fool doesn't understand you don't get a ticket for interfering with us. He then looks at me and says I'm mad at him. I tell him that I'm not mad. I told him to keep his mouth shut and not interfere with our investigation but he chose to disregard my warning so I had to back up what I said. This fool then says that I'm mad at him because of his record! I don't know who the hell he is much less what his record is. I suspect (and was right) that he's been arrested for drunk driving. In fact he was currently out on bond for that offense! Damn too bad nobody saw him driving! Oh well he still went to jail and the DA's office didn't take charges on anyone for the original family disturbance.

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