Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I noticed the accident on the side street. I saw the lights of the ambulance and other officers' cars working the scene. They looked like they had it well in hand so I kept going. About 20 yards right into another accident. A young woman hit another car from behind. Simple accident. Traffic was slowing, one car stopped and the vehicle behind him didn't. As I was gathering information for the report the woman who hit the man from behind said "this is what I get for lying." I asked "huh?" She tells me her boss asked her to work so she lied and told him she had to go out of town when in reality she was going to the airport to pick up her mother who had just returned from service in Iraq! Not only that, the vehicle was brand new! As I wrote her tickets for the accident I did feel sorry for her having to explain to her mother what happened.

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