Sunday, May 30, 2010

Officer's get called to a suspicious vehicle. Inside it are three young men smoking marijuana. One of them is the son of a police officer. Oh well. Most cops have family members who have experienced the criminal justice system from the other side of the bars. I remember one night many years ago I was booking a prisoner into an annex jail. I was the only officer in there when suddenly a sergeant, and a chief burst in. Behind them was a tiny, skinny, blond hair young man who looked no more than 20 years old. He was a runt! I then found out he had tried to break into an off duty officer's home and got caught. He attacked the officer/homeowner and fled. When on duty units found him he fought them too! I was amazed. This little runt took on several police officers and he's still walking on his own? I would've figured out that his little ass would've gotten hurt! A while later one of our officers arrives in plain clothes and I figure out it's his son! He is clearly not happy. I wonder what became of that little punk.

In another case a man's house was peppered by shotgun blasts. My cynical side wonders what more to the story is there!

A man gets out of jail and needs money. So he goes to the light rail platform and approaches a man and tells him he needs money. So he offers to sell the man some bars (xanax). Too bad the man is a plainclothes officer who promptly arrests him. Someone with worse luck than me!

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