Saturday, May 8, 2010

An officer is working an extra job. He's a young guy, wet behind the ears. He hears a disturbance. More specifically a woman screaming at some people. So he goes to see what's up and finds a school teacher screaming at the staff. This is a school teacher, by a bus full of students providing a fine example of how certain people act when they don't get their way. They throw a tantrum and act worse than a bratty child. The officer tries to calm her down but she isn't hearing it. Well she is actually because she responds that he can't do nothing and "ain't sh**!" Remember, students are watching their teacher act this way to a police officer. What kind of message does this send. The teacher then slaps the officer's hand. Now, the officer decides he is going to arrest her but encounters a small problem. He left his handcuffs in his car! My guess is he was in the mindset that on an extra job nothing is going to happen. He tells her to stay put and runs to his car. Guess what? By the time he gets back she has hopped on the bus and left! Needless to say this officer's supervisor was seriously upset by this and made him pursue the case. Now there is a school teacher with a felony warrant out for her arrest!

In another incident a drunk gets into a disturbance at a Latino club. He fights the security guards who plant his face into the concrete bloodying it. When police arrives he isn't done yet so he spits on the arresting officer. He had a bad night!

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