Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walked into the usual end-of-week eatery and saw an old, familiar face. Ten years ago when I started he was the supervisor of the fugitive warrant division. I remember he had a tendency to roll up his sleeves to show his pumped up biceps. I imagine in his youth he was the muscle and the guy you wanted fighting alongside you. I shook his hand and told him I remember him and it's nice to see him again. I had dinner in the company of the 'old timers' (for lack of a better term-nothing against older people). I listened to their stories of antics done back in the day that would be near impossible to get away with nowadays. If I ever tell the stories I'll have to change a few things to protect the officers. And change the dates, times, places, and what actually happened. Well hell, perhaps I better wait for the statute of limitations to run out before those stories are told. He told some stories of some current people in charge about how they were like when they were street officers. All I can say is why am I not surprised! Some habits never change.


Police Girl said...

Thanks for following my blog!
Yours is really interesting ~ I get an honest insight into real policing:)

Beat And Release said...

Ah, you mean things like beat and release, transporting prisoners who pissed their pants to jail in the trunk, locking a problem drunk into a railroad car and shipping his ass to Virginia,giving a mouthy or spitting prisoner a 'screen test,' or making a bully stand there and take an ass-whipping from his neighborhood victims, etc? Those were definitely the days.