Friday, May 14, 2010

I stop a vehicle for driving without lights at night. As usual it's someone who has automatic front lights but cannot fathom that he has to turn on the rear lights at night. I figured I was going to cut him a warning and let him go. As I run him I get a surprise. I find a ten year old warrant for obstructing police. Now had it been a ten year old traffic warrant I wouldn't have even bothered with it. However obstructing police, no I can't let that go. What happened was he butted his nose into police business (more than likely on behalf of a friend or relative) and was told to back off and he refused and got arrested. He then failed to show up in court and a warrant was issued. I have him step out of the car and ask if he used to live where the warrant was issued and he said yes, but denied ever having had an encounter with police there. I speak to his wife who gives me enough information to convince me that it's him in the warrant. Finally he admits he was arrested (he lied initially). He claims he was looking for his then girl friend who was hit in a barfight. What that tells me it was a bar fight call and he butted in and was told to leave and refused. I can see that from how he kept acting when I showed him the warrant hit on my computer. The whole time he kept switching from arguing about the case was dismissed and his record was expunged (if that were the case there never would be a warrant hit). Then he would whine that he has a 6am flight and has important business meetings all over Asia and if I let him go he'd take care of it. I didn't believe him on both counts. The warrant was confirmed and his past had officially caught up with him. I see it as a reminder as the choices we make now can always come back to haunt us when we least expect it. I did let him speak to his wife to arrange to bond him out and maybe make his flight. However when he decided he wanted to run the scene he had to be dragged to the transport vehicle. I had lost my patience and wasn't going to explain his options again. He can figure it out downtown!

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Spark Check said...

Hopefully he tripped and landed on his face before he was dragged.