Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

The day Hurricane Ike was scheduled come crashing at our doors, and walls, and windows. I arrive with what I could scrounge up at two grocery stores. I wasn't planning for an overnight stay but I packed for it just in case. The evening started off easy enough until dinner time. As I was waiting on my food a shooting call drops. Some guy pushed his way into the wrong house and got his ass shot. Well, actually his abdomen was shot. While going to that call an officer crashes and has to go to the hospital (he's okay though). We work the shooting scene as the winds pick up and get stronger and stronger. My wife sends me a message that my house has lost power. The night is already off to a great start. Around midnight was when things started getting hairy. Some of us hunkered down in a substation watching news coverage of the storm. Outside the rain began. We could feel the wind pushing against the glass. Fortunately it died down. Come the end of the shift I decided to go home where my wife was sitting in candle light without power. That was difficult because of how we take electricity for granted. Even sleeping in boxer shorts didn't make it any easier. Fortunately we never lost water. So at least I could take a shower and not go back to work smelling like crap.

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