Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's an oven at the station. It's well over 90 degrees in there. Wearing a vest, oh hell no. I check up on some paperwork and I'm out of there. I imagine I'll do the same thing again today. I made another traffic stop at the same dead light. This time, a young girl almost 't-boned' an Impala. When I stopped her, she was terrified, and embarrassed. She knew what she did and she felt stupid for it. I felt it was genuine so I let her go. I saw no reason to write her a ticket. After all, nobody got hit, so it's all good.

A strange call came in. A woman picked up a guy in her neighborhood and drove him around. He masturbated in her car. She said she was scared to tell him to get out. She says she "kinda" knows him, but knows where he lived where we arrested him. He also had marijuana in his pocket. I suspect there is more to the story like she was going to buy some weed from him (or vice versa) and he decided to "crank one off."

In another call, a drunk kid was speeding through his neighborhood. He hit a truck, a parked trailer, and flew by a school bus (yes this is the early afternoon) unloading kids. Thank God he didn't hit any of them. He was a tall kid too, about 6' 07. One look at him and I said (in front of his parents too) "damn, he tore up from the floor up! It's been a long time since I've seen anyone this messed up!" I hope he sobered up on the jail floor realizing what a fool me made of himself and how much he embarrassed his parents.

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