Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We ate dinner at a new BBQ place. It was pretty good. Plus it helped that the hostesses and the waitresses were HOT!!!! Anyhow, an interesting conversation popped up. One officer told of how his teenage daughter got a job. All of us drifted back to our first jobs. One officer talked about how his father was a pipe fitter and was upset that he became a cop. The reason being he had a bad experience with police a long time ago. Well, in rural east Texas, in the old days, if one mouthed off to a cop, he got his ass whooped and that is what happened. Another officer said he started off mowing lawns, then became a sacker at a grocery store. That is where I started. At 16 I got a job at local grocery store bagging groceries. It was there I developed the theory that if everybody had to spend at least two years working a job serving the public then it would make most people polite, humble, and respectful towards others. There is nothing like serving the public. You meet good people, you meet great people, and you meet people who aren't worth the air they breathe and whose parents really should have been sterilized. From the time I was 16, to the time I was 24, I worked in grocery stores either bagging groceries or tending a cash register. Then I became a cop. One hell of a resume. Later on today another officer has to arrest a fireman. He wasn't too thrilled about it, but you can't treat him different because he is a fireman. I had to call that fire department and notify a captain. That wasn't fun.

"Captain ****** I'm just notifying you we have one of your firemen under arrest."

"Aww damn!"

"I know sir, this isn't the phone call you want to get."

"Yep, but I appreciate you letting us know."

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