Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 16, 2008

This is roughly day 4 of the post Hurricane schedule. I'm tired for the most part. I keep reflecting on the past two days (those stories for another post). I was hoping for a relatively quiet day today. I knew I couldn't be so lucky. A man calls saying his neighbor pointed a gun at him. Other units get there long before me. They shut off the street and surround the house because the guy had gone back inside and he has a arsenal. Great! I have an arsenal at my house, but I'm not the kind of person who gets drunk and makes an ass of himself and points guns at neighbors. Anyway, I'm thinking of a plan when I get there. Everyone is waiting on me to get there before they make a move. I arrive and get the phone number of the suspect. One officer is covering the front door with his shotgun. I left mine in the car. I figured I needed two hands. I call the suspect and simply say "hey man, we're outside. Your neighbor said you pointed a gun at him can you come out and talk?" Sure enough, he walked out with his hands up and we cuffed him. I flat out asked him if he pointed a gun at someone. He just stared at me. His eyes said 'yes.' All he would say is he was defending his house. Yet when I asked what happened with his neighbor he complained we were cutting into his beer drinking time. Okay, that told me he was guilty.

Later on that night a bipolar, 26 year old son beat up his father and broke his nose. The father didn't want to press charges. Thankfully in Texas you can still arrest someone for family violence if the victim refuses to cooperate. He went to jail. I'm sick of the bipolar excuse. Nowadays people (especially suburbanites) think bipolar is an excuse for criminal behavior.

Anyway, society is slowly coming back. East Houston, and Galveston have a lot of hurricane damage. More businesses are opening back up, gas is becoming more available. The damn lines are still long during the day. However in the late night/early morning just drive in, gas up, and drive out in under 5 minutes.


jenn_t74 said...

I have no excuses! Im not BiPolar... I am just a bitch sometimes...LMAO.

SkyGuy32 said...

Ike'd is still a verb in galveston, used to say that object was destroyed by that hurricane.