Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

My one day off this week went by quick just as I knew it would. Word came from above that we're actually going to be paid for all this overtime. Woo hoo! A nice little bonus.

Today I decided to drive around and tell the officers what a good job they are doing. They've been working their butts off with these 12 hour shifts for a week now. They need to know someone notices their hard work and appreciates it. I don't think the brass will do that. They are usually preoccupied with looking for someone to get in trouble. I kept thinking today was Monday for some odd reason. It just didn't seem like Friday and it didn't seem like just one week ago that damn storm was pounding us. I stopped one guy on traffic. I'm cruising up the road when he came out of nowhere and cut me off. I will admit, it's nice when someone does that while I'm in a patrol car because then I can do something about it. I stop him and explain to him why I stopped him. He says he didn't do it. I ask him if he didn't cut me off then how did I end up behind him. Uh huh! He can't answer that one.

Later on a call drops. A guy calls us saying he got jumped by about 20 juveniles. We get there and I see an old man in the street bleeding. He's also drunk as hell. He says he asked the kids to turn the music down and they all assaulted him. The kids, and a neighbor says the guy cussed at a girl who lived at the house and slapped her. That's when he got jumped. Just like another old, drunk fool who got into an argument with a black woman who tried to ignore him, but he was too stupid to stop. He went on and used the 'N' word and caught a beat down in the middle of Walgreens. Just like that guy, this guy deserved it. You don't slap a young girl in the middle of the street. We then discover damage to his car. We walked the road and found damage on a parked truck. So this clown drove drunk from his house to the noisy house hitting a parked truck along the way. I then learn he has problems. He is supposedly dying from AIDS. Yet he goes to the neighborhood pool and throws out kids without parents. I do feel bad for his condition, but his behavior is "straight up stank" as they say in the hood. Oh well.

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