Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was just damn tired today. Even though we're back on normal shifts I felt like a zombie. Needless to say I was also impatient although I tried to hide it. We get a call from an off duty detective to meet him a residence. He says someone is inside it. I recognize the name of the detective. We've butted heads with him before. We're told someone is in a house and we're needed to check it. Okay, fine. I get there and I recognize this house. It belongs to a woman who doesn't like us too much. She's a drunk, and a pill popper. Her husband was killed a few years back. One evening we had a call of a drunk driver. The license plate comes back to that house. In fact, I found the vehicle, but the drunk driver made it back to this house and was inside. The person who saw her driving was long gone. The woman comes running up to us yelling not to shoot her dogs. I yell at her to get the hell out of my way and to back off. In my mood, I'm not hearing it. The house turns up clean (well except for the massive turd in the toilet that was left unflushed). The detective says this is his girlfriend's house. I shake my head. So this self-absorbed detective is dating a drunk, pill popper. Oh well, it's not any of my business. Whoa be unto him if I do arrest his girl for driving drunk and he gets in my way.

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JLee said...

That is just so wrong.