Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Close Call

It started with a simple traffic stop as does most big pops do. A car with two occupants ran a stop sign and got pulled over. Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't run. Turns out these two clowns had just broken into the car of an undercover officer and stole his weapons, his ballistics vest. They also snagged a list of nearly 200 officers' names, addresses (many of them undercover). These guys also had stolen the officer secret manuals. Talk about a close call. Nearly 200 officers would have been compromised by these two felons. Good job to that officer who was alert that night!


Aunt Zee said...

The one thing that was always stressed in training is that the "routine" stop is potentially the most deadly because you go into it blind. No calltaker with details for you , you're just winging it.

TJ said...

Chiming in way late here because I'm catching up on blogging.

First, I'm glad the officer made the stop and popped those guys, but the original officer should have known better than to leave information like that around in his car to be stolen in the first place -- Information that could have compromised fellow officers and cost people lives. What was he/she thinking!?