Friday, February 20, 2009

How I Knew These Guys

I mentioned in my previous post about two vice officers I knew from the past. Well here is the story of how we met.

***harp playing***

I worked in the hood. One of the most dangerous parts of town and I loved it! I get a call from some guys on the gang task force that I never met before. They are looking for a gang banger who goes by Q. I have never heard of him, but I have heard of his bitch wife. Now, you may think I'm harsh for referring to her as a bitch but there is a reason. Let me acquaint you with some of the principal characters in our little drama.

Q- Male gang banger
Jo-His bitch wife
Mook-A rival female gangbanger

I was already acquainted with Mook. She was originally a hurricane Rita evacuee who was dealing drugs while living in an apartment paid for by your tax dollars. I met her when I arrested her girlfriend. I was doing something when her girlfriend walked by making a snide comment. I identified her and she left. I later ran her and found out she had a felony warrant out of New York. I couldn't believe it! This bitch was making snide comments with a warrant. So I drove around the area looking for her and I finally found her walking on a sidewalk. I got out and slapped cuffs on her. She began complaining about retaliation. I told her she had a warrant, and perhaps she should shut her damn mouth because that is what tends to get her in trouble. Mook comes out and I learn that was her lover.

I had heard of Jo. She too was an evacuee and living off of your tax dollars. She got thrown out of one apartment complex because she threatened to shoot up another tenant over food stamps. A few weeks later she is caught fighting with Mook in the middle of the damn street. Jo takes off running and leaves her car. A few weeks later Mook crashes through an apartment gate trying to run over Jo. The next day Jo's husband Q shoots at Mook's vehicle. I also know that Jo is wanted for theft charges (but I didn't know until later she was also wanted on a parole warrant).

I get a call from some gang task force officers looking for Q. They brief me on what is going on and I bid them good day. About two hours later I see Jo's vehicle coming out of an apartment complex. Well I didn't know if it was her, but it was the same make/model. So I pull it over. The driver says he is Q and inside my heart is racing. That woman in the passenger seat trying to look at me has to be Jo. So I snatch Q and cuff him and throw him in my car. I then talk to the woman who gives me a false alias that I knew Jo uses. I wound up arresting Jo and sending her back to prison. Q went to jail for warrants, but first I called those guys and said I had Q if they wanted to talk to him. They were amazed two hours after talking to me I found their man for them. It was a proud moment!

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