Monday, February 2, 2009

Diversity usually the last thing they want....

Maybe I'm cynical but when I read this I had to sigh and shake my head. I'm not against diversity. My experience has been "diversity" means in appearance only.

"....left stacks of applications at meetings of several groups, including the Harris County Tejano Democrats and the Houston Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Political Caucus."

Great! None of these people have a chip on their shoulder. I doubt these people can put their prejudices and biases aside and look at the facts. These are the people who will use the grand jury to make political statements resulting in innocent people being indicted and guilty people being no-billed.

"An outspoken opponent of Harris County’s grand jury system, Joseph Gutheinz, Jr. said the typical 12-person grand jury with two alternates is not representative of the community.
“Most people who are indicted in our community are young, poor, black, Hispanic or another minority. They don’t reflect what appears on the grand jury, which is white, better educated, more affluent, more conservative and predominantly male,” the former federal agent, attorney and juror said

So Mr. Gutheinz doesn't want well educated whites. He'd rather have poor, uneducated grand jurors. I suppose this is the grand jury he'd like.

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