Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shag Shack

I always miss the fun! I found out a house had been raided so I go over and see some familiar faces. Two guys and a sergeant I recall from my days in the hood (see next post). I learn that they just raided a house. The guy who lived there is an old man, cancer stricken and wears a colostomy bag. Everyone knew he was a big porno hound. Okay, nothing illegal nor really wrong with that. Although if I were having people over or received an unexpected visit from the police I wouldn't have my porn collection right out in the open. Years ago when I worked night shift I remember a disturbance call. He called saying a female 'guest' was causing a disturbance. Come to find out the female 'guest' was a hooker that he was done with and wanted us to make her leave. That pissed us off. We're not going to be an unofficial hooker taxi for him because he's done. Another officer went out there and told him if he did it again we'd make his life hell and he quit calling us.

Well, a few weeks ago his operation had the whistle blown. We received a call regarding shots fired at a residence. While en route a witness calls in saying there is a man beating another man in the front yard and they drug him back into the house. The officers arrive at the house and bang on the door. The old man, K answers acting like nothing is going on. Based on the information of a victim being drug inside the officers push past the man and find the victim in the back yard bound and gagged by a swimming pool! He was about to be tossed in the pool for whatever reason. He starts singing like Brittney Spears and tells us that K is selling drugs and running hookers out of his house. Skip ahead a few days and his home gets raided. I walk around and find a "shag shack" in his back yard. It is a simple shed with a mattress. On the door is a roll of paper towels for the inevitable 'messes' afterwards. Photographs litter three sides of the rooms. By photographs I mean action shots. Pictures of his hookers having sex with 'clients' in the room. Of course my sense of humor takes over and I'm wondering why can't I have parties like these. Hell, K is old with the bag and he gets more action than I do. Now that's pretty ***damn depressing!

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