Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Witch and the Transit Cop

I knew this would make me late for dinner. However I felt I should go by. A woman was causing a disturbance on a bus. Normally this is a matter for the transit police. They handle all matters involving the public transportation buses, train, etc. A few minutes before I arrive they announce on the radio she is being combative. I get there to see a miserable looking Hispanic female sitting on the grass in handcuffs. I talk to the bus driver who says she was dropping off mentally ill passengers (how would you like that job) when this one jumped in the driver seat. Thankfully the key wasn't in the ignition or we'd have a TV style chase with a crazy woman behind the wheel of a stolen bus. Anyway, the crazy woman assaulted the bus driver claiming she was a witch. While I'm hearing this the crazy woman calls us all evil. Normally I'd be very unsympathetic and impatient. However something about this woman caused me to actually feel sorry for her. I also saw this as a chance to practice my CIT skills. I crouched down face to face and spoke in the softest, gentlest voice I could muster. I was trying to get her name, address, information, etc. She was toying with me saying she was Shakira. The bus driver didn't want to press charges on the crazy woman because of her mental state and because she (the driver) "loves everybody!" I can understand. This woman is seriously deranged. So the only thing left to do is to take her to the mental hospital. Another officer tells me that the bus driver's civilian supervisor is coming to take the woman.

"Oh hell no!" I announce. We got this woman in handcuffs and no civilian is going to come sweep this under the rug. We're either releasing the woman to the transit police or to the mental hospital. That's it! The transit officer finally arrives. He's brand new because he clearly has no idea what to do with her. We had to teach him. We should have told the transit authority to f*** off and let us handle it!

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*Goddess* said...

Shakira, eh? Did you check out her hips cuz you know ....hips don't lie. Couldn't!