Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Hate To Be An Armchair Quarterback But...

I try not to second guess other officers scenes unless I'm there and can actually see what's going on. However this disturbs me. A man kidnapped a woman to ransom her for his two children. That should show you this guy's thought process isn't all there. Officers respond to the complex and find the kidnapper and his victim in the car.

"Officers went to the apartments on Bissonnet and surrounded Harris’ sedan, trying to talk him into surrendering."

"He refused, but one officer managed to slip up on the car, grab the woman and yank her out before Harris could stop him, Wilson said."

"At about the same time, Alexander (officer) grabbed the pistol and Harris grabbed her."

"The two remained there, struggling for control of the pistol, as Alexander tried to calm Harris and persuade him to give up...."

"Officers from HPD’s Special Weapons and Tactics team surrounded the car and one of them finally ended the standoff with his Taser"

The beginning paragraph of this story reads;
"A Houston police officer and a kidnapping suspect held tightly onto a .45-caliber pistol — and each other — for about 90 minutes this morning before the man finally was subdued with a Taser, ending a SWAT standoff without injury."

So, if I read this correctly, at least two officers (from the unknown number surrounding the car) made a move rescuing the hostage and securing the gun. However the officer and kidnapper held on for 90 minutes while SWAT was being mobilized and en route to the scene only to end it with a taser. Well, what the hell were the other officers doing? Street officers carry tasers why couldn't one of them use it. Were they afraid of the Chronicle coverage of the taser use? Why? Why? Why? Why did those officers have to wait for their SWAT team to do something they could have done?

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