Monday, May 18, 2009

"Everyone is on you tube!"

The call came in as three black males beating another black male on the hood of a car. As is my luck I'm the first one there. The 6'4" man holding the kid on the car is the kid's father. The kid ran away a few days prior and was located in this apartment complex. The father was extremely upset when he found his son and slammed him on the hood of the car and told him not to move or he'd get knocked out. The look on the kid's face was sheer terror. I'm trying to get information but the dad is highly emotional and irrational. In a blindside to me, he yells at me. I really have no problem with him slamming his brat kid on the hood of a car for running away so I'm not looking to arrest, or make any problems for him. However, when he yells at me, demanding I respect him because he has a dead son, a sick mom, and all around wants to hand over a sob story and think that entitles him to bully people it isn't going to work with me. I first politely asked him to step back so I could talk to the kid. This really set him off. It was clear he doesn't like being told what to do and due to his mentality feel he shouldn't have to do what someone else (especially a white cop) tells him. He walks up to me yelling about respect. I knew I was making a safety faux paux but I was losing my patience with him. I stepped up to him and got in his face and flat out said he was mistaken if he thought he was going to yell at me to get his way. I told him I'm sorry for his sad life story and I will respect him, but I'll be damned if he thought he was gonna talk to me like that. He kept running his mouth, but he started walking down the sidewalk. By now other officers were arriving on the scene, including a black officer. The father goes to him and says "hey my brother..." The officer reminded him they weren't brothers and this set him off again. That's why I'm convinced he wasn't going to listen to me because I'm white. He did a half assed apology and said his son was driving him nuts. I used the sympathy card to keep him calm. He was rambling he didn't want him to come home now and how he was a minister and could be found on youtube. I wanted to ask if he was such a man of God why wasn't he acting like one. It's funny how whenever there is a literal "black/white" controversy the ones playing the race card are the ministers. Just what kind of doctrine are these guys preaching? Anyhow, the decision is made to take the kid to CPS to cool off. This pisses off the good reverend and he launches into his rehearsed "I'm gonna sue you all! I know the law! I've been arrested but I wasn't guilty...bla bla bla!" The same old sh** all professional race-baiter victims say. We explained it to him but he's not listening. He's got to yell and be heard over anyone. I tell everyone to put the kid in a car and just go. We're wasting our time. We can't be rational with an irrational, emotional man. So we leave and I'm pissed off! I should be used to being talked down by certain people because I'm a white cop. Later on I did a youtube search and sure enough, there is a clip of him on there. Oh well, as my wife says "everyone is on youtube!"


Zak said...

Your wife is right - being on YouTube is about the same as being in the phone book (with the exception that you usually can't make an ass of yourself in the phone book)

TJ said...

I love your blog, I really do, so please accept this in the gentle spirit in which it is intended:

Pro-tip: Paragraphs are your friend.