Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Are Worthless!!!!

Some officers can be absolutely worthless! I heard this story from a friend. An officer gets flagged down on a disturbance that another officer is en route to. She goes to the restaurant and learns someone is causing a disturbance. The primary officer shows up, sees her, and starts whining about how he has three other reports to do. She probably wouldn't have minded handling the call, but his attitude killed any sense of altruism. I don't blame her, I'd have done the same thing. They confronted the suspect who is drunk and agitated. The primary officer leaves her with the agitated drunk while he talks to the manager and takes forever. He's clearly dragging his foot because he's sulking and doesn't want to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, the drunk is getting more and more agitated. They walk him outside to put him in the patrol car when primary officer wants to talk to the guy alone, telling the others to leave. It's clear he's gonna let the guy go and doesn't want any witnesses. So, the others start to leave when the drunk tries to run and gets into a fight with the primary officer. Thankfully nobody is injured, however instead of going to jail he gets released to an ambulance! The other officers are disgusted with the primary officer and with good reason.


Texas Ghostrider said...

Then they wonder why no ne checks by with them............

There are worthless POS in every department, this is not a career no more it is a job. Unfortunately that is what I noticed when I was able to train. Then there are the ROD's I will save that for another time, Be safe and ride safe!

Beat And Release said...

I have a rule on my team - first officer there handles the call and does the report, unless officers on-scene work out something else. This rule even applies to me, although I have few who take it as a personal insult if the Sarge tries to bang out a report :)

I do have one officer on the team who simply will not arrive first at the "hot call." I'm working on getting him transferred somewhere, but it's harder than it sounds these days.