Saturday, May 23, 2009


The crook forced his way into the lady's car with a pistol. She was exiting the passenger side when he shot her once in the back and drove off with her car. She was alive and talking when officers got there. She was taken by life flight to the hospital where last I heard she is expected to survive. It's annoying that this guy would shoot a woman, in the back as she's escaping for her car. It's even more annoying that people like this walk amongst us. While awaiting the detectives we learn that a witness who saw the shooting also saw the robber come out of the store. There are no cameras outside, but there is one inside. That means there is video of the robber! I watch the tape and find the guy I'm pretty certain is the robber from the description. I tell the manager I'm going to need the tape for evidence and he says no. I just stared at him wide eyed. I couldn't believe he just told me no. He cited company policy and said he needed to talk to his supervisor who would need to contact her supervisor and so on. Most managers are happy to give us videos that can be used as evidence. My first impulse was to get in his face and tell him that tape is coming with me. Like Robocop "dead or alive 'it's' coming with me!" However, there was a better way. Without a word I walked out and obtained a subpoena for the tape. I then gave it to the manager and informed him that I had a court order to take the tape and he has no choice in the matter. I even offered to talk to his supervisor which he accepted. I told her the same thing. A woman was shot in their parking lot. Their camera got a glimpse of the robber and I'm taking the tape regardless of their policy. I get the tape and give it right to the detective. I still cannot believe he made me get a court order.

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Texas Ghostrider said...

That is plain crazy! Sounds like time for code enforcement!