Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reverse Racism

One thing that annoys all officers is the phenomenon ignored by elected officials, the news media, and in some cases, police administrators. I call it reverse racism. Our politically correct status quo-double standards has taught people that the race card can be an effective tool to bully, coerce, and/or threaten police officers. This is common in the inner city black subculture that teaches since birth that racism is to blame for their problems, woes and predicaments. For example, you do poorly in school, it's because of racism (not because you're never in class due to fighting, skipping school, etc.). If people look at you warily and avoid you, it's racism (not because you're dressed and acting like a common street thug i.e. baggy pants, gang tattoos, walking around holding your crotch etc.). If you get stopped at 3AM by the police it's racism (not because you're 15 years old out on a school night in a area notorious for drug dealing or when you saw the police car you tossed your stash of dope or gun into some bushes). This subculture teaches that you are nothing and will never be anything because of your race. So, with this mentality why bother trying to better yourself right? The cards are already stacked against you so you may as well be a gang banger, criminal, gangster, etc.

I recall an incident (thought google can't seem to find it) when Quanell X and some other black activists went to the Houston City Council and got themselves thrown out. It was preplanned to get in a scuffle with police then run to the ever obliging media and cry racism. However, someone was smart and only assigned black officers to the council room that day and used them to clear out the unruly mob. One woman was heard, on tape saying "where the white officers at?" Of course only us police, and some in the public with common sense realized this was reverse discrimination. The black activists were going to lure white officers into a confrontation and then exploit the race card.

The four officers murdered in Oakland, California, recently is another point. Afterwards, a march was held for the killer of the officers! The killer was also a suspect in the rape of a 12-year old girl yet that did not matter to these people. All they cared was the killer was black. It also didn't matter to these people that he was linked to six rapes! All I heard was "tensions between the police and the black community.." Did anyone bother to notice that the people who participated in this march are racists themselves?

Just recently, there was a homicide here. A black man had been murdered in his home. Definitely a tragedy. Officers sealed off the scene while homicide detectives were doing their job to search for evidence to be used to find the man's killer. Understandably the family was upset, however they were calm at first. Then the media show up, and another relative shows up two hours after the murder acting irrational. Suddenly, the other family members began coming unglued when the cameras are being set up. The officers holding the scene are white and Hispanic! The man tried to charge his way onto the scene and was held back. This lead to the family going back to what they know, screaming "racism." An assist had to be dropped. One of the first to arrive was a black officer. He said and did the exact same thing the white and Hispanic officers said. The family listened to him after refusing to listen to the white and Hispanic officers. They calmed down after the media left. Why do you think this is? Simple, these people are racists and feel (after being supported by the media and government) they shouldn't have to listen to officers who are not black.

Then we have the problem of minority officers being insulted, and ostracized by their own people. Black officers are labeled "sell outs" or "Uncle Toms" and other insults. The same for many Hispanic officers. I've seen instances where black or Hispanic offenders begged black or Hispanic officers to let them go because "they are the same race" or "they are brothers!" Of course the criminal doesn't mean this, they are merely trying to use their race to manipulate the officer. Just another hustle.

In conclusion, officers are expected to put their duties and oaths above their personal feelings (including prejudices, etc) as we all should. Regardless of how we may feel about someone we need to be professional and fair to people. Let them determine how we react to them. However, it would be nice if certain people, especially those in the inner city were mature enough to put their biases and prejudices aside when dealing with us. However, this will never happened because this racist, narrow minded attitude is encouraged by so-called "community leaders" and our own government officials. Breeding racial division is how some people stay elected even though they are complete failures (Charlie Rangel is a great example of this).

End of rant!!!


Johnny Law said...

Amen brother!

Beat And Release said...

I had an interesting discussion about crime with an older black fellow the other day. He told me that a bunch of morons in the sixties and seventies created all the problems we are now seeing in the youth of today. Crappy parenting, playing the race card, etc. He pretty much laid it out like you just did. Good job.

Jealous Bitch said...

I have to second the Amen on this great post.

Also, being from the San Francisco/Oakland...I have SO MUCH TO SAY about the murder of those four brave officers, and the way some of our stupid citizens/groups responded. Totally inappropriate and altogether vile. (I should email you about this)

Is there any wonder why I'm moving to Texas? :)