Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Super Lawyer vs. Super Cop

I have to give a kudos over to my amigo Jason over at Cigars, Donuts, and Coffee. He made a post over at defense attorney Mark Bennett's blog. While Mr. Bennett is certainly a competent attorney he had a post in which an HPD officer (whom he named) arrested a lawyer after ticketing him. According to the post the officer filed resisting arrest charges on the lawyer. When it got to court the prosecution and the lawyer's lawyer wanted to know what charge was the lawyer originaaly being arrested for. The officer said 'failure to comply with an officer.' The post went on to say that none of the lawyers could find that offense so they dismissed the case. Basically it was criticizing the officer and implying he made up the charge. Mr. Bennett even made a comment in the post that it is illegal to disobey a crossing guard but can't find where it says police officer is mentioned. He also sarcastically referred to the named officer as "super cop" (yet he didn't name the lawyer arrested). Jason knew what the officer was saying and found this and posted it in the comments section.

Sec. 542.501. OBEDIENCE REQUIRED TO POLICE OFFICERS AND TO SCHOOL CROSSING GUARDS. A person may not wilfully fail or refuse to comply with a lawful order or direction of:

(1) a police officer; or

(2) a school crossing guard who:

(A) is performing crossing guard duties in a school crosswalk to stop and yield to a pedestrian; or

(B) has been trained under Section 600.004 and is directing traffic in a school crossing zone.

Jason went on to further point out how it was funny that he could find the statute and the "super lawyers" couldn't. Mr. Bennett replied to that post saying he didn't realize that the statute covered both police and crossing guards. That is admirable of Mr. Bennett to admit that. Now, the post has been removed entirely! This reminds me of an exchange I had with a prosecutor who plied his lawyer tricks on me when complaining about a fellow officer. Mr. Chief Prosecutor left out a few crucial details as to make him look like the victim. That post will come another day.


Jealous Bitch said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is so funny!! Awesome.

All kidding aside,
I used to work with lawyers. They are seriously the most smug liars on the planet. They are worse than all the jokes about them. Also, if you are a cop, never ever trust anything a lawyer says to your face. Be wary, because they seriously hate cops, dude.

Beat And Release said...

I have known a couple of officers that left LE to become lawyers. I thought about it myself back in my younger days. I would have been a great attorney and probably made a bunch of loot - unfortunately, my conscience got in the way whenever I considered that option.