Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Parking Lot

This news story caught my attention. It reminded me of two occurrences in this same Walmart parking lot.

1-One time an officer was coming down this feeder road on his way to work. A vehicle shot out of this parking lot and cut him off. Since the officer was in his personal vehicle he could only express his disappointment by pulling up next to them at a traffic light. He turned his interior light on so the driver could see he was a cop. The officer hollered and yelled at them. The driver's mouth formed an 'O' and made a sharp turn fleeing. The officer thought he intimidated them. He later found out this guy and some friends (also in the car) had stolen thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and ran out of the store with loss prevention chasing them. They got away. All the while the officer is cursing that driver's mother's name he never got the plate. I laughed at him.

2-One night I was coming to work and saw a college police officer following a truck with his emergency lights on. The truck wasn't stopping, but not trying to lose the officer. I exited the tollroad and watched as they pulled into a parking lot. I got out to let the officer see me and know I'm backing him up. The officer tells me he's been following this guy for blocks trying to get him stopped. He thought the driver was drunk. I talk to the guy and he had been drinking, but when I administered the sobriety tests the guy passed. I inform the officer that his only other options are to arrest him for whatever traffic violations he observed or find someone to pick this guy up. The officer opted for the latter because he was afraid of getting in trouble for being off the campuses. As I'm leaving this black, fancy car pulls up with some young, haughty looking male with an equally haughty looking female. He had to have been an ill-informed lawyer or an ill-informed law student who watched what was going. He wanted to question the authority the college police officer had to "operate a DWI checkpoint." I guessed this dipsh** was showing off for his female companion. So, I pointed out that he was wrong and this was a traffic stop. He then switched his position to questioning the authority of a college police officer to run traffic. I told him look it up, he's a police officer, he enforces the law. I was running late so I flat out said I was leaving before he made a bigger fool of himself in front of his girl. Too bad this idiot didn't interfere with my sobriety tests, I would've really embarrassed him in front of his girl.

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