Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Still Laughing...

A 40 year old woman got herself arrested for causing an accident then leaving the scene. A wrecker driver followed her until another officer caught up. They take her to jail. While enroute she tries to strangle herself in the seat belt. Now, I'm trying to picture someone in the back seat of a police car, handcuffed with arms in the back (presumably) trying to hang themselves on a seat belt. Unless the officer doesn't have her properly restrained I fail to see how she can do this. Predictably, the jail refuses to accept her because she's "suicidal" which means the officer has to take her the psych hospital. Problem is, the psych hospital will not take her if she has criminal charges pending. It's a legal game where everyone is trying to cover their asses leaving a poor officer with a nutbar passenger. She gets to the psych hospital who refuse to admit her and now she's back to jail. They don't make it out of the parking lot when the woman is trying again to strangle herself in the seat belt. What he hell!!!! I can't wait to find the officer and ask him this.

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Mad Jack said...

I'm familiar with this one. The local lock up isn't taking suicidal inmates, and the cracker factory isn't accepting criminals tonight. Tomorrow night isn't looking good either.

Main Lady is a licensed clinical psychologist and is retired from the State. Some of the stories that she has been a part of are just unreal, however...

One fine day a mental health services consumer decided that he no longer needed to take his medication. A few days later two local police arrive at his apartment to return him to the State Hospital mental health facility for observation and treatment. The man is a paranoid schizophrenic with violent episodes. The two cops talk to him through the closed door, which finally slams open. The man comes out like a windmill in a hurricane, and the two police grapple him, wrestle him to the ground and get him into restraints. Once restrained he is somewhat quiescent, but he still believes the cops are going to kill him or something.

The police refuse to press any resisting arrest or assault charges, and were careful not to hurt the prisoner. Now, in my not so humble opinion, both these men should get a medal, a cash bonus and an extra week of paid vacation. I know the city doesn't work like that, but they did a great job.

Six weeks later the man is pretty much straightened out. Eventually he was discharged and living in a halfway house. I don't know if he'll ever be able to hold down a job, but I hope so.

I like your blog, by the way. Please keep writing.