Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brand Names

I stayed up late last night only to have to get up early and work an extra job. A few hours later I came home tired. My wife made plans with her friend and her husband to go shopping. She asked me and at first I declined. Then after a few minutes of thinking I decided why the hell not! What else was I going to do? We pick them up and head to an outlet mall. I did need to get some walking shoes since I'm supposed to be walking more. The outlet mall is mostly clothing and jewelry shops. Mostly girly crap! The women go their way and J and I go walking around. We stop into a sun glass store. I'm always breaking or losing sunglasses. Once or twice a month I'm making a stop into walmart of walgreens and shelling about $20 for a pair of sunglasses that will eventually wind up broken or lost. I looked at the prices and my jaw dropped. They were going for about $130, $150, and one pair for $295. What in the hell makes these glasses so expensive? For that much they better have a GPS tracker that whistles when I lose them, and either an x-ray that lets me see through women's' clothing or lets me read their minds. I suspect you're paying more for the name than the actual product which is just stupid. I wonder if I could get a polo shit and have "George" stenciled on the front and people would pay 3 times what's it's worth. I've never gone for something just because it is popular. I have a natural tendency go against the grain. If TV, media, or stupid old pop culture tells you something is cool naturally I'll go the opposite direction. I don't want to be one of the "sheeple" or that's how I feel about trends and brand names. I eventually found a pair of walking shoes. As we were walking back to the car we spotted a discarded car window in an empty space. Either someone had their broken into, or it was stolen. Or maybe they locked their keys inside and broke into their own cars. Either way I got onto my wife for leaving her satellite and GPS in plain view. She disregards me. One day she's going to be careless and something will happen I'm afraid.

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Meadowlark said...

We must have done a good job in "scaring" our kids about leaving stuff in plain sight inside a vehicle, as BabyGirl tears her losing lottery tickets in half so someone doesn't break in thinking they can steal them. :)

And the bad thing about being "anti-popular" is when something you've always liked or had or done suddenly BECOMES popular and you're forced to either constantly say "I did this BEFORE" or stop doing it/wearing it. Sad. My "milk maid braids" may have to go. :(