Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flashback Post

It was a simple alarm call. After we cleared it I walked down the half block back to my car. I looked at the sidewalk when the pre-flashback music played in my head.

About five or six years ago, I was working night shift. I came up to an intersection and stopped as another car ran the red light. I turned to go after him and he kept going. I followed him into a neighborhood and he finally pulled over. I approach and look at him and can tell he's f***** up! I pull him out of the car. Now, I can't remember what I was thinking but I made the decision to cuff him and put him in my car until my backup arrived. Now, I should have just stalled, talked to him, maybe try to do sobriety tests. I grab him and he spins on me grabbing my hands. I pull back and take out my OC spray. I was going to spray him but we were too close and he slapped the spray out of my hand. Sh**! He takes off running down the street and I go after him. I hate running and we ran. For some reason he was running down the sidewalk. I kept thinking if he starts running in between houses and hopping fences he's gone. Yet, he kept running down the sidewalk. I remember thinking this guy was crazy or incredibly stupid. I can't catch up to him but he isn't going to lose me. I'm out of breath calling out our location yet the units are having a hard time finding the street. One officer gets on the radio asking what neighborhood is that street in. I say, on the air "fu** if I know just get here!" Finally my posse arrives and I stop and breathe while they run after him and catch him. I drag my ass and the guy is on the ground fighting. Unbeknownst to me, another officer's radio is keyed up and I say "hey use your spray and spray this bitch! I lost mine!" I didn't get in trouble but I did get laughed at. The officer sprays him, and us, but we manage to him in custody. The guy starts talking crazy. He gets in my car and is running at the mouth about someone named Christie. I take him to jail and when he gets in the door he tries to flee while inside the jail. I filed evading and resisting arrest on him. I was pissed when the dumb f*** Harris County DA's office dismissed the charge saying he was crazy. Yeah he was crazy, but he knew ***damn well what he was doing.

While looking at the sidewalk I imagined myself running that night after him. I wonder whatever happened to that damned fool!

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