Sunday, June 14, 2009

He Did What????????

The boss called in sick and my partner took off so that meant I was at the helm solo. I'm relatively lucky (so far) in that all hell hasn't broken loose and I was the only boss on. Since I'm technically the watch commander for the busiest day of the week I take my time going over reports. I read one that made me shout into the empty space. It's a good thing this guy had called in sick.

He got flagged down about an abandoned vehicle. He runs the license plate and learns it was taken in an aggravated robbery in the neighboring jurisdiction. According to the original report a man with a shotgun forced the driver out of the car and stole it. In layman's terms, a carjacking. He contacts the agency and they send a wrecker to pick up the car to take it to their print stall and process it in hopes of finding evidence. All he has to do is wait and secure the vehicle. I would have guessed he could handle that. That is until I read this in his report;

"I then inventoried the vehicle thoroughly and found the following items...."

I think I actually shouted "you did what you ignorant fu**** jackass ****head pencil di**!!!! Tell me you did not go finger fu***** that car before it could be printed!!!!" Sadly, he did. So, I have to wait until I see him again so I educate him.

Sad thing is I can speak from experience. One night, when I was new we found a car used in a kidnapping. I was so excited I practically dove in the car looking for evidence. A veteran officer pulled me out of the car and chewed my ass out. I felt like the biggest dumbass on the planet. However it never happened again. Now it's my turn to be the teacher I guess!


Texas Ghostrider said...

go teach and do it so they remember! As a detective I review a whole bunch of reports and I have the same reaction. Sometimes you can hear me down the hall when a newbie does something really f**k up, but as a teacher I try to instruct them without dumping on them.

Jealous Bitch said...

I didn't think the blog could beat your email about this, but YES! This was good!