Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I took one of you out!"

We were holding roll call and I noticed an officer was late. As we're discussing stuff someone's phone rings and he answers it. He then hangs up and gets up. I'm mildly curious where he's going.

"Oh **** is outside she has a guy exposing himself!"

Turns out some bum (we call them Metro patrons) was urinating on a tree, next to a police station of all places. About 5 of us come rushing out to confront the guy and I see the knife in his pocket. I get behind him and toss his knife and handcuff him. I can already smell the booze on him. We walk him to the nearest patrol car and he's already running his mouth about how he works "every ***damned day!" I look at the cell phone attached to his belt and ask how does a homeless man afford a cell phone. Again, "I work every ***damned day!" If he works every day why spend his money on booze and urinating with his schlong out in front of a lady police officer. He's stupid, he can't answer that one other than to say he "knows the drill" and he's been out since 1991. I bite the hook;

"What were you locked up for?"

"You don't wanna know!"

"C'mon man! You're the one who brought it up. Clearly you want to brag! Let me guess, you're gonna say you killed someone!"

He tried giving me cold stare. Then Ice T's lyrics in colors played in my mind "don't' try to act crazy cuz that sh** don't phase me!"

"You want so bad to say you killed someone don't you!"

"I took one of you out and they let me out! I got away with it!"

Not quite the answer I was expecting. He was still trying to give me the cold stare so I had to throw some cold water on his attitude. I said;

"Why does my gut tell me you're full of sh**? You're trying to act Mr. Get Bad!"

"I could take any of you on!"

"Well smart ass you had your chance before I handcuffed you but you waited until after to start talking sh**!"

He went to jail to urinating in public and public intoxication. He's another who can't seem to grasp the concept that his dumb decision got him into trouble. I plan on looking into his claim about killing an officer but I doubt I'll find anything. Later on it's kind of ominous because later on that night we all hear the radio traffic that an officer was shot and killed.


Jealous Bitch said...

You just quoted Ice T. My brain did a sommersault on that one.

Texas Ghostrider said...

Those are my "pink handcuff" customers.........