Friday, June 26, 2009

"What The Hell Are You Doing?"

I was driving down the street to make roll call. Out of the blue this Camaro shoots past me and keeps going. Of course I'm thinking;

"Oh hell no! No you did not just fly past a marked patrol car going over 50 MPH down this street!"

So I promptly pull his ass over. I walk up to the car and see it's one of my officers! One who is supposed to be in roll call with me. I chew his ass out for hauling ass past a marked patrol car in front of everyone thus putting me in a position where I have to show who is boss or I, and my department lose face out in this neighborhood. He tells me he is running late and just didn't see me. He says had he known it was me in that car he'd never have passed me. I tell him to get his ass to command. He's having a bad week. Just the previous day he was driving and his wheel fell off in the middle of rush hour. That wasn't his fault but still, it took up most of my shift doing the paperwork on that. Then he wants to blow past me like I'm not even there in front of the neighborhood! I'm not having it! Hopefully he learned his lesson.


Mad Jack said...

His wheel fell off? Just how did this one happen? Then there's the rest of this, the 'I didn't see you' part. How does he not see you? The man is in a high stress job, and he gets tunnel vision on his way to work?

He should have a moving violation, but failing that I hope the teeth marks make up for it.

Slamdunk said...

Funny story. Hopefully it is not the tip of the iceberg on him.

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