Saturday, March 6, 2010

On my way into the station I see someone running radar up ahead. That has to be Mrs. H! She's a sweetheart! I hit the accelerator to get my car up to 60 to have a little fun with her. As I get closer I realize it's not Mrs. H. Oh sh**! It's an officer from another agency and she's waving me over! Oh boy am I going to look stupid when I explain this to her. "Well officer I thought you were someone else!" I can see the letter already; "dear chief I thought it was someone else or I would have obeyed the traffic laws!" Thankfully as I slowed down to pull over she saw my uniform and waved me off! God bless her!

A drunk ex-employee stormed into a fast food restaurant and began tossing things around. As officers were en route he ran into the street banging on cars as they passed. Finally an officer found him and arrested him.

A robber hit a store ran by a man and his son. The robber shot the son and fought with the father who managed to take the gun from the robber and shot him in the head. Killed him instantly. Good job clerk!

A drunk and delusional woman goes to a department store with her 4-year old daughter and starts raising hell. She harasses customers for money and when she's told to leave she starts yelling and cursing and making a spectacle of herself. The officers get there and one recognizes her from past experience. Instead of taking her to jail he decides to take her to a psych hospital and the girl to CPS. Turns out she had two other small kids waiting at home. Those kids already have a major strike against them.

A man comes home drunk and starts yelling at his wife. He hits her and knocks her down. As they are fighting their elderly neighbor hears it and instead of calling the police. He shouts over his fence for them to shut up! Remind me not to have this fool for my neighbor. The bloodied woman refused to press charges however thanks to state law doesn't matter. He went to jail anyway.


Beat And Release said...

Always a delight to see a store clerk win.

Mad Jack said...

He shouts over his fence for them to shut up!

I can identify with that. Although I would likely follow my demand for peace with a call to the police.