Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sometimes well meaning people make big problems for themselves. For example a guy was out for a walk and sees three young males he knew didn't live in the neighborhood. He decides to follow them and see what they were up to. He wound up getting robbed by them! Guess he'll think twice about following strangers again.

A watchful neighbor calls police when he sees two people going into a house knowing the owners are on vacation. When officers arrive one gives themselves up and the other hides in the house. The officers go in and drag him out. Turns out it is a husband and wife burglary team. Well the couple who steals together, gets incarcerated together.

A patrol officer gets flagged down at an apartment complex. He is told that there is a vacant apartment in which a homeless squatter has been staying at. Nobody has seen him in a long time. The apartment is locked up and flies can be seen gathering at the window accompanied by a pungent odor. This is the classic sign of a dead body inside. The officer takes his gun out, kicks in the door and goes inside. There, he finds a dead cat!

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