Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was working an extra job at a school and walking through the parking lot. I then hear a kid saying hi. I look around and find a little boy in a car by himself! "Oh hell no!" It's not hot and the window is down and he's been there for about 5 minutes because I saw the car pull into the parking lot. I learn that he's 8 and his mom is inside the school. The mom and a her boss (a teacher at the school) come out and the mom has been bawling. They tell me her son got thrown out of school for the day. The story they tell me is that he brought a ruler to school and hit another kid who grabbed him in a bear hug. Apparently at this particular school one cannot bring a ruler! Excuse me isn't a ruler a school supply? Talk about getting stupid! Really! Why stop there may as well ban pens and pencils since those can be used as shanks!

A gang member was caught trying to break into a car but he set off the alarm. He jumps in his car and drives off and is caught by responding units. A weapon is found in his trunk and he is arrested. Funny, the intake DA takes the charge and the gang member is taken to jail. Hours later another DA rejects the charge because the weapon was in the trunk and not "on or about the person." To be fair the statute does read that way. The legislature really needs to address that issue. Crooks can easily avoid arrest with this handy little knowledge.

Today was a day I really didn't feel like doing much. Maybe because I was mostly tired. There are days when I feel like kicking ass and taking names. There are other days when I don't want to do a damn thing! At the end of the shift I was with two other officers who have been around 10 years like myself. The topic came up how we all got started out. Both of their stories were pretty much the same as mine. They were called into the office by the recruiter and rushed through the hiring process. With me it was the same. I had a job at a local store and had to be at work right after the interview. He then scheduled me for the polygraph right then. It made me late for work and my then-boss was uber pissed off but hey the recruiter told me it was going to come at me fast and I needed to run with it. Since this job is what I worked my butt off for I couldn't pass up my chance to get on board. The rest is history!


Matt M said...

My car has that little access hatch in the back seat, to the trunk. If I toss my weapon through that hatch, then close it, does this get me off? I live in Houston.

Verification word: metal

Mad Jack said...

A ruler?! What the hell is the matter with these people? One 8 year old male got into a wrestling match with another 8 year old male. No surprise there. That's what boys do.

If Mom is in tears it's because of the school administrators and possibly the teacher. It's likely that what she really needs most is some large male Neanderthal to take her part in the fiasco and scare the living bejeezus out of these grade school fatheads.

A ruler. Lord help us all.