Thursday, March 18, 2010

Security guards were fighting with a group of hoods. Police arrive and detain two individuals. One gives a name and date of birth but nothing comes back on the computer. The general consensus is the little turd is lying. His mother shows up and gives a different name. They take his print and and his true name comes up. Turns out he and his mother are lying. The prize is he is wanted for murder! It is very rare a wanted murderer is found. While enroute to jail he slips his hand cuffs so they restrain him with hobble restraints. Only 17 and his life is screwed! I looked up the charges and come to find out he and his friends killed another gang member. No big loss to society. One gang banger dead and three others going down for it. Just another statistic!


Mad Jack said...

The prize is he is wanted for murder!

Jackpot! Good work, sir.

Beat And Release said...

We call that a 'pesticide' around these parts.