Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An officer drove by one of the many cantinas that litter the city. The cantinas are a hotbed of drug use and prostitution (many involve underage girls smuggled in as sex 'workers') yet good luck trying to get them shut down. As the officer drives past he sees three guys in a truck trying to duck down to avoid being seen. An obvious red flag. He finds three drunk illegal aliens one of them with his pants unzipped. They are arrested and inside the truck he finds a medium sized stash of narcotics packaged for sale!

I wonder if most people realize it's state law if you get into a minor accident to move it off the roadway to reduce congestion. However some people are so anal they think they have to block the road for a scuff mark. As was the case with the guy who got clipped. The woman who clipped him pulled into a parking lot. He stops right where he is at and blocks a lane of traffic. It was my first accident in about a year. Usually I get an officer to work it but since the format has changed I decided to work it to do it for myself and see. It wasn't hard. I've heard gripes that the new format takes two hours yet it only took me about 45 minutes!

A drunk peddles his bicycle right into a parked truck. A man gets out of the truck and calls the drunk into us. He then leaves and goes to his apartment. It's oddly funny. He says that the drunk is on the ground and not moving yet not concerned enough to stay and help. He goes home. Talk about living in the hood where they'll step over the body to "holla at a playa!"

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*Goddess* said...

Hmm, three guys in a truck and one with his pants unzipped. Nope. Don't wanna think about what went down there...