Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some things astound me! One of them is officers who cannot make a decision and have to call someone miles away to make an assessment and a decision. An off duty officer from another agency was on his way home from work. He saw a wreck on the side of the road and stopped to help. Another car whose driver wasn't paying attention hit his car pushing it into him injuring him. The officer who came to work it cited the officer!!! Hopefully his supervisors will fix that problem and maybe educate the officer to use some common sense!

In another example of inadequate communication a husband and wife are separated. The husband drives the van which is both of theirs. For some reason the wife reports the van stolen. It is found with the husband driving it. He isn't arrested for auto theft however he is arrested for the warrants he forgot to take care of. Oops!

A person calls to report two people having sex in a vehicle in a church parking lot! Officers find the two 17 year olds. For whatever reason the parents are called. Now the normal parental reaction would be anger. However with these two sets of parents their reaction is the ostrich approach of sticking one's head in the ground. The girl's parents insisted she was a virgin and that the semen stains on her dress were planted. The boy's parents claimed the girl is trying to get his money! I wish I'd been there. Those parents wouldn't have liked what I would have said to them. "Denial is more than a river in Egypt!"


*Goddess* said...

"The girl's parents insisted she was a virgin and that the semen stains on her dress were planted."

Hope this doesn't get out. Teens everywhere will be using the "planted semen stains" defense!

Anonymous said...

Taking lessons from the Clinton administration, is she?