Saturday, March 6, 2010

The best explanation yet! A 19 year old is caught in a car with his 17 year old girlfriend. Not statutory rape but public lewdness had one wanted to push the issue. His pants and undies were off. When asked if he could have found a better place to have sex he said he was a Muslim and didn't engage in such behavior. The reason he was naked waist down was that it was hot and he needed to cool off. Brilliant! If I'm ever busted in a car with a woman that's exactly what I'm going to say!

I get called to a domestic violence scene with my camera. A pissed off father took a belt and beat the hell out of his daughter. Now, I'm all for beating the hell out of kids when they deserve it. However belt marks on both legs. Naaa! That's too much. I take the pictures of the injuries and then we go arrest the father. He wants to protest but I don't give him the chance. His son stands up and I thought he was going to try to interfere. At this stage I'm zero tolerance and told him once to sit his ass down. While we're finishing up the man's mother shows up all upset. Now had I known that he had a pending case for beating his wife before his daughter I'd have shattered mommy's bubble view of her son. I've got his family saying he's trying to raise a wicked daughter and she is the cause of all the trouble. I've got neighbors saying the father in a sociopath, smooth talker who beats women and his family seems to accept it. I don't know any of these people however my gut is inclined to believe that although the girl is no angel her father is worse.


Texas Ghostrider said...

cooling off huh? if he is on top of a girl i would say he is trying to heat things up and if muslims dont do that how re we getting all of the babies.

good thing there are other sweet hearts out there or that dear chief letter might be long.

*Goddess* said...

Well, you know what they say...the penis is the thermostat of the body!