Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A couple slept soundly as at least two burglars came into their house and stole their keys and then two cars belonging to the family. Later on in the day the same burglars, using another stolen car, kick in a door in broad daylight. An alert neighbor called police and the two were arrested and charged with burglary. One of the burglars tells where the cars from the previous burglary was. One of them was later recovered by an officer working an extra job. So, two stolen cars recovered, and two burglars off the streets. The annoying thing is one of the crooks is just 17 and already facing two felonies. Knowing this place he will be out at a ripe young age probably to commit more violent crimes against people!

A woman gets into a minor accident earlier in the day and makes a report with another agency. She later calls us and is afraid because she gave her information to the other party in the accident. She demands another report! She is told nope!

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