Friday, April 16, 2010

The shift starts with an officer following a "rolling stolen" vehicle. Units from further away start en route with one notable exception. The officer ran the plate on his computer as they passed going opposite directions. About a minute later the stolen hit comes through. So the officer has to make a quick U-turn and try to catch up to the stolen car. Apparently the driver noticed the officer make the quick U-turn and realizing he's going after him so he makes a quick turn and guns the engine. The high speed catch-up goes right in the middle of a particular officer's district. The officer calls for him to help catch him and silence. They bump the officer again and nothing. I have to shake my head. This officer has a bad history of not answering his radio and being absent when something is going down. Needless to say the stolen car gets away and people are cursing the officer who never answered his radio. He later claimed he was talking to a "belligerent" citizen and had his radio down. How convenient!

Later on in the shift an officer sees a dirty looking woman sitting on a curb. At the time he thinks nothing of it. About two hours later as he is passing through the same intersection she is still there and hadn't moved. So he goes to check on her and she claims she used to be a beautiful woman. Unfortunately the government conspired to make her ugly and did so. She went to the psychiatric hospital!

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Jackie said...

Riggghttt! I've seen ex-psudeuo-father-in-law have the radio off except for like a whisper, and him jump up and go when all of us didn't hear anything. Even around a noisy dinner table with people/kids shouting.
GAH I hate officers like that.